Happy End of Last Year!

Most of us have never known any sort of difficulty in terms of human suffering … we’ve avoided war, death, sickness, etc. It’s true. The average person only hears of such things. Google it.

We may lose a loved one. We may fail a major exam. We may know, or have heard of someone close, who lived a life of suffering on par with those from the Great Depression, or some World War, but on average, if you have a laptop, or some smart something and have the audacity to subscribe to such a frivolis blog as this one, odds are you’re one of the average lucky ones who’ve lead a relatively safe existence.

My prayer and wish is that you and I continue thusly. For those who have known the worst that this world has to offer, I beg that you forgive me. Please know I don’t pretend to know what you’ve been through. I likely will someday. I do feel it coming.

But for now, I’d rather wish us all, a coming year that is all of what last year wasn’t. May we know some true peace, despite the daily calamities which seem to persist.

May we hear what isn’t always spoken, and hold our tongue when it goes without saying.

Thank you for reading what I usually never utter much as well, Love and peace to all.