Which came first: the chicken or the ignorance? Bliss was all about me as a child, despite the family-fracturing deaths and divorces, and anemic nurturing that comes with alcoholic parents on family vacations to Disneyland.

I miss not knowing so much. I miss the tangled innocence of a wireless world. I miss believing that natural disasters really weren’t. That the everyday world was pretty good, even for a Whiffleball-tossing, dirt-clod plodding boy, whose mom had to make $40 worth of food stamps last two-more weeks. Somehow I still got fat and happy. We laughed often.

Today, I’m taking an ‘aboutFacebook step from being connected. No wi-fi for one week. No cable TV, nor streaming ‘Flix of any sort. We have work to do, a dog to walk, miles to travel and hands to scrub after a day in the sun and earth.

(Okay, sure, I’ll load some DVD’s into my laptop and maintain a cell phone nearby for safety and sanity. I’m not turning into a troglodyte for Fukushima’s sake!)

Just taking a bite away from the usual serving; pulling the plug on some connective stimulation; out of that thin air in front of my blue-hued face. A digital diet that I simply, can’t, not, take–cause I can’t seem to take it any more. 

Now where did I put my freaking charger …