Humans are the big variable in the Universe. We belong here. Just like everything that’s been created, we are nature, we are earth. But, we also have the most profound ability to destroy what we enjoy.

It’s good that we have a day picked out to consider our planet. Like so many fish in the murk of the Milky Way, we have to be reminded to look around at all that exists; all the grandure that swirls about us daily.

Maybe we’d be happier if we lived every day with a reverse mindset: taking one-day off a-year to pee in the ocean, and spending the other 364 trying to keep it clean. 

As an image maker, I can only copy what has been created for me. I don’t make the Sun rise, nor the light to fall just so on the shoulders of my subjects. The only elements that the elements don’t control, are the happenstance moments people create–within the world I’ve framed; those who put themselves into the environment, between IT and my lens.

BC-ferry-to-VCEssentially a journalist, I love documenting us and our presence, in our natural habitat, with all our subtle dramas. Sometimes it’s inanimate objects–a headless doll washing up to my feet. Other times, it’s strangers, giving me a still, quite moment to reflect, dream, and tell a story with my photograph. In turn, maybe the viewer will reflect, dream, and interpret as they choose.

My spirt seems drawn to water the most, and so, I celebrate Earth Day with a few of my favorite ocean scenes. Images to honor Her with; ones which make me mindful of what a water-filled, wonderful, life-giving world we live in–and one worth preserving.