Landscape Sschmamscape

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting. —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge
Sunrise, Heart Mt, Powell, WY.


I don’t do landscapes really. I mean, we all do them, but I don’t intend to do justice to them usually.

I love a good one. I love the oddball ones too, involving headless teddy bears, or hub caps and litter along a forgotten interstate. Wabi Sabi! My landscapes walk into me. They stumble upon the road before me, as I walk, drive, fly, sleep. Besides …

Too many really good shooters out there already, with tripods and a thermos full of something warmer than the dashboard heater in their rig; toting more gear than will be used–because we never know–waiting for that sunrise, sunset, best time of daylight, hi-light under the moon-glow at midnight; or the time in which the shadows look just right, right about, um, now … and yes, now, and … it’s the fever of a passionate eye, heart, mind, spirit that suggests that this is why–why anyone who takes their time, does it right. 


I also don’t do enough social interaction with WordPress as I should. So here’s my first stab at getting involved in anything in some time; as well as some landscapes I’ve happened upon in my photo life, that happen to make me smile.