All creations in the Personal Fiction Gallery © David Vaughan
All creations in the Personal Fiction Gallery © David Vaughan

The lewdness of it all. We just keep sticking it in each other’s faces don’t we? Pictures and videos and sound clips and fonts, assaulting our senses daily, around the clock … so, um, what would it hurt really, to ah,  add this one to your list?

With a new face for the website, into the new year ahead, we will find that  life is wonderful and our future is bright. Just gotta duck them ISIS fellows, avoid excess CO2 emissions, cure cancer, understand all religions and drink plenty of water …. assuming you live anywhere but California or Zimbabwe.

I don’t know how it all works without completely falling apart. How our world  hasn’t toppled off the roof of the shaky ride it’s on … in this precarious Universe we share … not unlike Aunt Row’s cat–the one she forgot was up there on top of the car–in her hurried drive to the vet.

My resolutions this year, are to go on a DRAMA FREE DIET, and not sweat the small stuff that falls between the cracks (unless it happens said stuff lands in a place where I’m prone to rashes, hives and or mild perspiring).

I trust we’ll all do the best we can in 2016, just as we did last year. We made it. Heck, all I wanted for Christmas this time around, was what I ask for every time around–just another new year–and see … voilà!

Thanks for sharing it here,