Land of Awes

How brilliant is the color scheme, design, and presentation of everything naturally occurring on this Earth.

Nothing in nature seems to clash. Harmony in the elements is all about us.

Koi of Kona.
Koi of Kona.


When’s the last time you said:

No God, the purple pedals don’t work well with the green leaves. Try something in off-white.

For some reason, nature just knows, what-together, goes. 



Even we mortals, who appear equally well-created, tend to imitate that same natural law of the Universe, melding our respective selves into seemingly strewn-together dwellings, until a patchwork that works, somehow emerges.

The Lima Peru landscape as viewed from my motel window. It’s a mosaic of stacked and smooshed together textures, colors, and swathes of concrete. Is it not symbiotic, via some regional osmosis?


Humans find a way to weave into the natural environment, exacting our own brand of harmonious balance with our earth. Bugs flock to us. We stab trees with our attachments and ideas. Man made mulch makes its way towards decay, amidst all that the planet has already placed before us.


All that’s left for us to do as spectators in this universe then, is to live on in awe of all of it until we die.


A group of saguaros near Tonopah, Arizona.

Whether the weather or whatever it is which works well enough to make my scenes happen for me, it’s my job to make sure what I choose to frame, accomplishes this harmony I speak of. It’s there, everywhere, just waiting to be framed.

THE EARTH IS A LAND OF AWES. I pray we can all connect on this point. Let’s not muddy the landscape with war, hate, violence against each other.

Somewhere between Grandma’s towels (which are mainly for looks); and our favorite bandana (that we use throughout the day to wipe our brow, filter out dust, and shade us from too much sun), is the balance we need to find with how we use this ball we all bounce around on.