Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

The last time I felt this paralyzed was during the days which followed 9/11. Well, that, and the time I slept hard on my arm in a  ’77 Datsun wagon at a Winnamuca rest stop.

The tragedy that has hit Paris, is no different at doing the same thing that other acts of terrorsim have accomplished. It continues the process of polarization, separating people, religions, and political views until we are forced to file our individual dogma into their respective, logical conclusions.

The grey areas, both on paper, and in-between our ears, are obscured, overwritten by the emboldened blackness of an ALL CAPS, knee-jerk response by us all, no matter what our beliefs. It’s either in the form of hate-speech towards ideas we don’t understand; or admonishments which condemn those who don’t know enough to, LOVE MORE, DAMN IT!

Extreemizim at its best–or worst (see, it’s difficult to know how to characterize anything anymore).


I’m not here to give you answers or opinions. I just see something happening is all. You do too. Must we pick a side? Are there only two-lines forming, or can there be room for a muddled middle ground?

If I’m being too passive, or too resigned in my urge to sling arrows, and or hug a stranger, just give me some time okay? I’m not eager to usher in the start of WWIII, nor am I praying for the heavens to open up and announce that the first global Kum bay ya conference is now in session.

I think there’s still some shades of grey to leaf through. Still some things we need to know before we fall into our respective far corners of the ring, or sides of the pillow … whichever.

Love, compassion, and understanding are still the few things I can totally accept as infallible doctrines to abide by. But it’s faith which compells those cogs of open-hearted trust to turn inside us, irrespective of the lack of answers we have in the vast grayness of this world.


Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. 

– Marcus Aurelius