Before this was written …

… I’d decided to find something of the AMBIENT flavor on iTunes–to put me in the mind to write today.

A friend had just posted on Facebook, something about being spammed by “Glamour Girl” friend requests. Phonies. Phony guys in Carhart overalls, praying on the naïve primal urges of the near thumbless.

I’m thinking about all the people, ads, signs, posts, faces, mouths, which lie to us every moment of the day. Something soothing to the mind, to the spirit is what I was after.  This station looked perfect.

Close your eyes, open your ears and yield your hearts, to the Ambient Chillaxaholic Grooviness of the Best in mellow vibes derived from natural nature-type things in the woods which we’ve sat up all night recording; be at peace, as you picture John Tesh playing an electronic pan flute, softly in the background, wearing only a bleached, well ironed loin cloth …

Anyway, the station said in the descriptor something about being perfect for meditation. I needed a break. I hit PLAY.

The heaven’s seemed to open. A thunderous trumpet sounded. My ears felt finger diddled. My eyes burst wide. A screeching voice filled with anxiety, rambled on and on about a particular type of Crossanwich breakfast at Burger King (easily the creepiest looking fast food mascot ever).

How in good conscience can an ambient radio station which sells the notion,  “perfect for meditation,” begin it’s broadcast with a screaming, BK commercial? Talk about crumbs in the bedding; a burr in the sock; hair in the salad.

• • •

The end of the world came and went, yet again. The Super Blood Moon of a lifetime hid behind a bank of clouds (from where I was standing); and that crazy church of ass clowns that Harold Camping left behind, found their savior to be a no-show too. I’m happy that I showed up anyway. I’d photographed the nearly full version the night before (previous post), and so this night, Shadow and I had a relaxing, quite evening, roaming the two-track hills around our little mountain town, surrounded by the ambient glow from a hidden, apocalyptic moon.

The hidden blood moon of 2015.