Camp Nowhere

Talk about needless pressure ... on your mark, get set (put that Reader's Digest down soldier), GO! 14 minutes 50 seconds to go ... grunt, grunt, grunt.

I love my little town. So much so, that I’ve often thought: should I move, I can always come back–camp at the lake. 

Thankfully, I’ve not had to move, and therefore, have not been denied a spot at the local lake due to a campground that’s been on sabbatical for the past several seasons.

I don’t know the details. There’s a dispute between the Forestry and the contractor who supposedly updated the grounds. What I do know for sure, is that for the past few summers, it’s been turned into a virtual ghost town … except without the town and any ghosts that I know of. It’s worse than a ghost town–it’s Inertville. Camp Nowhere. Literally. It’s all dressed up with no one coming to visit. All likely due to a fair amount of Government B.S., mixed with local myopia. Who knows.

So, while me and my Shadow wait for Momma to come home from her vacation, we decided to crash the joint. It looks beautiful. It looks squandered. But we made use of it, walking about and enjoying another beautiful Fall day.