I Fell for Fall

Just out of my backcast, Shadow roams about.

People ask, “How was your summer? What ya been up to of late, Dave?”

All I can think to say is,

“Well, I got married, it’s been crazy great.”

“Cool. Well, the bunch of us are all going to Burning Man next week, you should come,”

“I’d love to, but I”ll be married then too,”

“Oh, right on, well, you should totally consider it for next year, there are tons of hot ladies, covered in mud,”

Feeling the need to emphasize the new life I’ve been living, I confess,

“Did I mention we got a new puppy?”

“Holy crap, your life is totally over. Those things don’t run away on their own. Bummer dude. Later … NOT.”


With the Fall comes the realization that summer is over.

It’s been a great year thus far. Our pup Shadow weighs nearly 50-pounds now–halfway to full-grown Malamute. We’ve had the luxury of spending all of our time with her, taking her everywhere we go in hopes she’ll grow to be a well-developed dog that doesn’t pee on your feet when met with a new circumstance.

We’ve taken her on outback hikes in grizzly country, and successfully wrangled her away from moose in our front yard. We’ve danced with her at open-air concerts; and toted her along to various auctions, festivals, farmer’s markets; with hundreds of people and their dogs to bump noses with. She’s endured all-day car rides and daily quick trips to the market and Post Office. She goes with us everywhere; and if she can’t go, we make new plans.

Here are just a few of photos we’ve taken this summer, showing how we spent our Not so Bummer vacation with our little girl who is growing up nicely.

Too bad Burning Man won’t allow dogs–not.