Our Little Grrrrrgoyle

There’s a war going on, just outside our bedroom door … and it stinks.

And much like the proud parents who paste accolade clad stickers on their bumpers, bragging about their child’s latest step towards maturity, my wife and I boldly claimed our pup Shadow, was “house broken” on Facebook.

Truthfully, it’s us, and our house, that is broken–not the puppy.

If turds could fly, we’d have had a flock of butterflies fluttering about our bed last night. But that was just a cruel dream, induced and fueled by premature faith in our pet’s maturity. 

But as we know, Good Owners, Great Dogs, is the reality. We’re going back to the drawing board with our kennel training and forgoing the notion that Shadow can handle having more access to our DEN … she’s still a baby, and we’re still young parents, so there’s nothing left to doodoo (pardon the stutter, I didn’t sleep much last night), but to give the dog and ourselves a break; taking a deep breath (after the nag champa kicks in), and try our best, once again, today.

Where is Ultra Man when you need him? https://youtu.be/7qHNfsst8_c
CALLING IN THE TROOPS: Where is Ultra Man when you need him?