Put My i Out

Have you had your face hugged lately? I have. Every time I raise my new Samsung Note 4 to my head I feel the love. But even more so, when I lay it down and take the stylist in hand, and trace the contours of my latest fantasy doodle upon its lovely surface. My iPhone is now a high-end paper weight, slash desk calendar. I still like navigating in OS and listening to my decade old iTunes collection, but soon I may just forsake it all in favor of becoming a doodling Droid user for good.

(The following are just a few of my first playful attempts, drawing with the Note 4) 

For now, I’m simply enjoying the digital stimulation this new tool is giving me. I swallowed the transition from film to the big D in photography, so why should giving up paper and graphite be any different? It’s not. That’s what I’m learning now.