silent night wholly alright

Christmas dinner at an Los Angels Mexican restaurant suffices.

For me, Christmas the past 17-years has had little tradition. As a single guy, The only constant is that I’ve had no traditions to follow–yet, not without a wealth of great friends to flop, feast, and feel like part the family with. I’m blessed that I have those who’ve made a place at their table for me.

This year, I spent Christmas Eve alone in a Las Vegas hotel room, and Christmas Day in another hotel near the Los Angeles airport. You see, my package is yet to arrive. She’s somewhere over the Pacific as I type, scheduled to land at LAX this evening–the day after Christmas.

The Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas is my home for Christmas Eve.

They say if you let the turkey rest overnight, it’s better the next day. I hope this isn’t just a Chef Ramsay cooking notion, but a metaphor for my life. I’ve slept well, and am ready for the start of new traditions with my own family for the first time in way too long.

Maritess and I will have the next 364-days to plan our first Christmas together next year–and maybe we can begin to offer that extra plate to someone else for a change.

• • •

Bless you all for reading my words here as I serve them up in my random manner. I don’t know how I’ve accumulated so many readers, but I’m grateful. 

Merry Christmas; happy holiday; whatever works for you, I wish nothing but love and light to all. 

The day after Christmas a warm sunrise greets me outside my LAX airport hotel.
The day after Christmas a warm sunrise greets me outside my LAX airport hotel.