Textures woven into a landscape swelling with tropic tenacity. Sweaty metal turns to rust. Wires dangle. Dust rises high. And somehow, despite the cycle of rain, heat, setbacks at times of harvest and holiday, the Philippines churns out a hearty, colorful, people of purpose and faith.

From the maze that is the city of Manila; to the tiny typhoon racked village of Capiz; the salty seaside city of Roxas; and across the massive province of Iloilo, where wealth mingles with the less than adequate–you find constant upheaval, rebirth, resilience.

This collection of photos from a recent trip to the Philippines, focuses on the feel of the Philippines; the patterns and patchwork of colors found everywhere in its buildings, its people, its landscape.

From perpetual floods to fiery seasons of high temperatures, the country of islands has more than its share of hardship. Yet with the forging of anything worth wielding, that which the fire purifies can also be solidified by water, made ready for the task ahead.

This post is dedicated to the brave people who have just endured the wrath of yet another storm. Ruby was no Yolanda but still a menace and more than you should have to endure. May you continue to hold high your heads and allow your spirits, your families and your faith, to sustain you always.


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