Buck Frampton Band upstaged by drunk

Fanny Bay Inn open mic night
Band leader Buck Frampton had this to say, “How many times have I told you there is no one in this band named Buck,”

During a recent Buck Frampton performance of WE BOTH LOVED YOU at the Nurple Pipple, in Rodeo, CA, Buck and the band relented the spotlight halfway through the song to a passionate fan who insisted on grabbing the mic:

I know I probably made and ass of myself that night in front of everyone, but listening to it again, I feel I made my point clear and that still feels good. No regrets,” said Ernie Zwicky of Rodeo, California. He also asked we not share his name or locale and our Chief Editor here at Baddoodle said “O.K.”

Therefore, in an effort to further protect Ernie’s privacy, we’ll forgo mentioning his name in the clip and just provide you a link to the audio obtained by the good folk at the Pipple which is next door to where Zwicky’s house is and, where every Tuesday is 3 for $1, pickled egg night.

It was like the lyrics just set me off … touched a nerve I guess, “– E. Zwicky, Rodeo, CA, cab driver, alcoholic


WARNING: Explicit Language and adult content. The F bomb lands 15 times during the last-minute of this clip. The upside is, there’s only one Goddamn. Oops, two I guess. Kids, Buck is not for you unless your parents smoke dope or leave you alone often. I’ve done all I can do. 

PG 13: For a complete other take and a more family friendly clip of the new re-release version of the song, here’s a 90 second preview, sans fans or interruption … unless you count the truncated abrupt finish that just leaves you hanging.

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