na nu no more

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CLICK HERE to see the short video of robin’s likes increase in real time as I refresh my browser …

Wasn’t for lack of love that Robin left us. Only he knows what he felt, but clearly he was loved. As I sat watching his Facebook feed, I realized I’d never “liked,”  his page. So days after he passed, I became a random click in the 8-million-something place. Curiously I refreshed the page, and noticed how the “likes” after me began to show like a mad ticker tape … I watched the adoration add up for Robin, moment by moment by click.

I love dinner conversations which include the question, “which celebrity would you most like to meet?” Robin Williams was always first in my mind.

The closest I got was during his peak of fame, my lifelong friend’s little brother was opening for Robin in a San Francisco comedy club. The boy was 9 years old, doing standup, and opening for Robin. We were all in awe.

But we have all met him on some level. A friend to every one who witnessed his talent. As Jimmy Fallon said, “the Muhammad Ali of comedy,” Robin Williams will be missed. Thankfully, his contribution to a better world will live on forever in his amazing life’s work.

(Random hilarious dialogue provided by Joe Rogan and Jim Jefferies via Joe’s podcast-Robin would approve).