na nu no more

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CLICK HERE to see the short video of robin’s likes increase in real time as I refresh my browser …

Wasn’t for lack of love that Robin left us. Only he knows what he felt, but clearly he was loved. As I sat watching his Facebook feed, I realized I’d never “liked,”  his page. So days after he passed, I became a random click in the 8-million-something place. Curiously I refreshed the page, and noticed how the “likes” after me began to show like a mad ticker tape … I watched the adoration add up for Robin, moment by moment by click.

I love dinner conversations which include the question, “which celebrity would you most like to meet?” Robin Williams was always first in my mind.

The closest I got was during his peak of fame, my lifelong friend’s little brother was opening for Robin in a San Francisco comedy club. The boy was 9 years old, doing standup, and opening for Robin. We were all in awe.

But we have all met him on some level. A friend to every one who witnessed his talent. As Jimmy Fallon said, “the Muhammad Ali of comedy,” Robin Williams will be missed. Thankfully, his contribution to a better world will live on forever in his amazing life’s work.

(Random hilarious dialogue provided by Joe Rogan and Jim Jefferies via Joe’s podcast-Robin would approve).

5 thoughts on “na nu no more

  1. I, like many others, was shocked at his passing – even more so by his way of leaving this world. That’s the insidious way of depression – it often goes unnoticed, sadly. He indeed will be missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends and it certainly has given me pause for many reasons. Sad to think that in his final moments his despair overtook him. I think we all have those moments and I send healing white light to any who may be there right now. Tomorrow ALWAYS brings a new day…♡


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