It finds us


Worthy to befriend

Loving hard, true

So where are you … ?


It comes as age does

In riffs and divides

Wind spitting cold

Spatters a fellowship of souls


Yet deeper reasons to love

Clinging to like-minds

Times of bit and byte

Commodity as life

Without a wish to relinquish

Jibber-jive or discontent


Those who sit and bitch away

Poems of sentiment

Of love and simple smiles


Sitting at the bar as any local might

Grey sweat shirts in blue light

Dirty hair

Emitting waves of yesterday

Reverberations of a long-gone heart beat


An old friend today

Whom loved like few before

Holding dear somehow still


It finds us–we don’t achieve it

I don’t leap–I land–then I find I am


Within and without

Grateful a million ways

Sharing in loss

Knowing someone, somewhere

Loves just because

Not sure why

It finds me here today