hind sight is a pain in the neck

A teaching taught by totems:

It’s tough moving forward while looking backwards. I guess that’s why I coined the phrase, “life without erasers.” I’ve always been the kind to scribble over and over an errant line I may have drawn with my life, in hopes of getting it “right.” But the indelible past is always peeking through the new rendering with its misshapen latent impression there in the background.

A perpetual doodle in progress is what life is. We can’t fully erase our past, but we can scribe a new line in the sand or a fresh point of reference.

These totems I found in Duncan, BC, are a nice way to illustrate an unfettered focus on what’s ahead. They remain fixed, facing forward, seemingly oblivious to the distractions of life surrounding them. Inspiring.

When it comes to photography, I’m constantly trying to make sense of the chaos around me. The busy wires, signs and street noise surrounding us are always there, but at least with my camera, I can choose what to include, and more importantly, what to exclude from the frame.

So, short of working on my memoirs or recapping my year in review which will come next time, I still aspire to press on and embrace all that lay ahead in this coming year. I suspect there will be new challenges as well as old ones from the past which will try to drag me back, but the future is here and now. Facing it head on, anticipating good things, and honoring the dead deeds of yesterday by not disturbing that soil, is my only goal.

Peace and well wishes to all of us in 2014.