’twas the ice before xmas

Frozen Mohawk Rock on the Englishman River, BC
Frozen Mohawk Rock on the Englishman River, BC

I’ve transitioned from living on the saltwater of Deep Bay to the wooded banks of the Englishman River. Just a 15-minute drive south along the coast; and 1500 meters up river from the mouth of the ocean, fresh water now flows all around me daily.

But before I found this log cabin, I spent my first night off the boat in a yurt, just a couple of doors down from the cabin. The yurt being another bucket item–quickly checked off. One night being enough to fulfill that bit of whimsey. Although as well furnished as the cabin–equally–warm–I could hear my neighbor next door coughing into the night with the Cartoon Channel lulling me to sleep like a dull saw on metal. I moved out early the next morning into the sound proof walls to the writing cabin of my dreams.

The icy weather which drove me from the boat is responsible for the effects in these photographs and I am thankful. I’ve been complaining about a little extra slip on a salty dock while my brother at home is doing MY winter snow shoveling duty for me at my mountain home. I owe big for that my friend, thank you. 

BC–for me–is back to being the retreat from the cold that I’d hoped it would be. The snap is over, the sugary coating of light snow is gone and golf is back on the agenda. I’m not expecting a white Christmas for the first time in years. Hallelujah. Might get a bit of nip if I get out to the tee box too early but my ship seems to finally be coming in on this new, warm, tide of yule.

Last of fall’s litter on the Englishman River, BC.