Quick spin to Denman

Barnacles built for two

Writing the Waves is my stream of consciousness journal while living aboard my new home, this vintage, 50-foot wooden sailboat known as Persistance, situated in the salty B.C. air along the coast of Vancouver Island.

Finally got out on the water today. Got a feel for the area, the surrounding islands (and there are plenty to explore). My boatlord Pete and his friend Mike took me over to Denman Island where the big deal there is a grand old Community Center used for concerts and such.

I was even told that Scully (Gillian Anderson) of X-Files fame lives there. I had an Ex-file who said if she were ever to turn lesbian, she would love to make a film with Her called, the XXX-Files. If I run into her maybe I’ll pitch the idea instead.

Meanwhile, back at the dock, we shoved off and had a few beers en route to the island, let the dog run once we got there, and did a 3 hour tour without having to meet up with Gilligan.

Today, life on the water is good. I’m concerned about tonight though … they say it feels like it’s going to be a very cold winter. Right now I’m surviving on shear wool power.