Writing the Waves

View to the South.

Famous Quotes I’ve yet to hear:

So she says to me after a week of no showers and nothing but chowder to eat, “Holy mackerel. No, seriously. I mean it. All I smell is mackerel so basically, I’m never setting foot on your boat.”

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(Writing the Waves –my stream of consciousness journal while living aboard a beautiful 57-foot vintage sailboat along the eastern coast of Vancouver Island.)

Saturday, 11/2/13 (first night on Persistance) …

About a month ago I was here on this boat for two minutes before thinking, I could live here, and within seconds, my new friends who own Her say, you’re welcome to. Now I’m on board, writing these words, in the ladle of the boat’s hull–Jona swallowed whole–except I can spat myself out at any time thank you very much …but it IS nice inside …

… just not perfect.

The Wi-fi blows. I’m nearly off-grid save for a thick cord of juice from the dock’s electrical panel strung through a window. It fuels the drive-in speaker sized heater next to my coffee cup, keeping it warmer than me. I’ll be facing a much wetter cold they say. Nothing but mildly damp and near freezing conditions thus far. But I’m in wool–toe and above–my new skin.

It’s already been several days since my last shower, head’s itching, crotch is probably off the charts full of funk, but there’s coffee in a press, whiskey a foot away, and a Fanny Bay Oyster bucket to piss in. I’m Home.

NOTE: Attempts to send the following web transmission from this vessel have failed repeatedly:
Hey I’m on a boat … The WI-fricking-FI is iffy if at all so this is my last try for a while till I can tell what the cell is going on in this new land I’ve landed on. I’ll be back on the grid again someday, but right now, the wind’s picking up …

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