Post fast post

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Not sure what the message is in this doodle  … either we watch what we eat or we’ll see what’s eating us take its toll … sure, that sounds good.

After my 31-day juice fast in January and writing daily about my journey, I felt the need these past couple of months to roam the country, enjoy my success and catch up with some great friends and family.  Some of you I know, have wondered what happened to me … like I took some painfully slow bathroom break at the restaurant  and returned to find everyone gathering coats and to-go boxes. Well, here’s the after-poop-scoop since my juicing fast:

From 265 to 225 pounds in 31 days. Ready now for round two ... another 35 to go ...
I went from 265 to 225 pounds in 31 days. I”m ready now for round two … another 35 to go …

In the before shot, I’m wearing my high school letter jacket which I could no longer come close to buttoning when I began my fast. I’m now down to a regular large in men’s sizes and can button the old jacket up just fine. It’s a little tight, but it’s what I wore when I weighed 175 pounds and I have no need to ever put it on again, but it’s a good indicator of how far I’ve come in this journey to get back to a fit and healthy me.

See, I’ve only made it half-way folks. I’m now about 235 (only up ten pounds) after two months of solid food and a return to strong drink. I’ve simply enjoyed eating smart–most of the time and indulging in some of my favorite foods like sushi, curries and pesto pastas. Even though I feel like I’m able to hold my weight  without trying too hard, I know it’s time to get back on the wagon, in the gym and into the juice before my season of golfing begins.

Sliced breast of chicken over fresh greens and simple olive oil and balsamic dressing make up most of my at home meals.
Sliced breast of chicken over fresh greens and simple olive oil based dressing.

I’m still on my path towards a lighter me, a leaner life with a lot less load to carry in all regards. As I work on myself, I’m remodeling my home, cleaning closets and making my environment exactly what I want. The more I hull from my closet and give away, the more opportunities I’m finding for growth in other areas.

Life is good. I’ve been on the road for most of the past two months. I’ve seen some family, some great friends and have eaten pretty much everything I’ve wanted to. Despite gaining the ten pounds back, I’m satisfied that the damage hasn’t been too bad. I needed the break.

But now I’ve got about a month before I’m swinging my golf clubs on a regular basis and I just can’t allow photos like this to be taken of me, ever again …

Last summer I was plagued by 40 extra pounds I didn't need. Let this be the only reminder I need to keep me on the light and narrow.
Last summer, plagued by 40 extra pounds I didn’t need. Let this awful photo be the only reminder I need to keep me on the light and narrow.

So today, I’m watching the Master’s on-line, making some guacamole and having a beer. On Monday, I’ll be drinking the Mean Green juice again and hitting the gym daily. I don’t plan to be grandiose and blog daily as I did last time. It served a purpose for me then, kept me honest and I had the luxury of time to focus in-ward. My focus is now back on my art, my writing projects and the prospects of a brighter, lighter summer.