Creatively Juiced

Devoting time to my creative pursuits is another important intent with this juice fast. ©David Wesley Vaughan

(Day 18 of my 31-day, juice fast)

Devoting time to my creative pursuits is another important intent with this juice fast. ©David Wesley Vaughan
Devoting time to my creative pursuits is another important intent with this juice fast.

I like doodling dinosaurs. Just so happens that a couple of weeks ago, I decided to eat like a Brontosaurus for one month and see what happens. The day I began this venture (Jan. 1) the Mean Greenzilla blog oozed up from the primordial reaches of my mind. I thought today would be a good time to share how it’s going with my Baddoodle readers.

I usually take January to take a break from the year’s worth of imbibing and eating pretty much anything I want. I’ll not drink alcohol and cut out all meat. But this juice diet I’m trying for one month is based on the film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s meant to do a few things for me: 1. reset my taste buds (done); 2. lose some weight (doing); and 3. maybe help a friend and/or brother or two along the way.

And my bonus goal: to have better general health so I can also revitalize my creative juices.

I know there are those worried about my pumping massive quantities of nutrition into myself with this juice-only fast. I was worried too that cutting out all the fat, empty carbs, simple sugars, caffeine, preservatives, and crap I’m used to consuming-just for one month–would have me spinning on the floor in epileptic, cold-turkey jitters like one of the Stooges (Curly to be exact) inside of the first week. Instead, I’ve found that just by washing my cells with nothing but organic vegetable and fruit juice, that I’m feeling just dandy. But I do promise you I’ll be ready to eat something in about 13-days.

Today though, I’m shutting off phones and not checking mail. I’ve enjoyed a day of exercise, drawing and playing music. I spent my time indulging in some fun, selfish pursuits, believing finally that I deserved it.

I know juicing isn’t for everyone. I have a friend who won’t even eat a vegetable, no matter how much hot butter it’s slathered with. I once hid a green pea in his BBQ Beef sandwich. With an uncanny sense of smell, he discovered something was up and spat the pea out like a bug.  I don’t know how he’s avoided scurvy, but if I did his diet, I’d be twice the size I am and yet he’s got the waist I had about 75-pounds ago. We all have to find what works for us–and as I continue to juice down the road–I’ll take what I’ve learned from this month of challenge and testing of my will, and at least be able to say without question that I know what juicing does for me.

There’s other ways to get stuck and unstuck. Fasting is helping me right now, but for those who can see their feet just fine, I’d head straight to the next level and discover Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. LIKE her Facebook page and let her jewels of easy-to-understand wisdom move you to be the creative force that you know inside you already are.

Poor health can cause our passions for life to suffer. Juicing is my kick-start towards a lifestyle with more time to be inspired and a life with a few less regrets.

Speaking of new ideas, I’m thinking, Greenzilla Lives T-Shirt. Body tat anyone?

©David Wesley Vaughan
©David Wesley Vaughan