Update on my new fattitude.

I know I’ve been absent here for a while and that’s because my Mean Greenzilla blog is running amok. I’m a third of the way across fat creek, up there without a corn dog to paddle with and it’s going okay … nothing I’m to brag about any time soon, but feel free to check it out; it’s on Facebook as well.

(from Mean Greenzilla-31 days to juice my asses off) …


Day 10:

©David Wesley Vaughan

Time for a rant.

I figure I’d check in with those following my progress and reiterate a few things before someone thinks I’m some sort of health guru. The only thing I’m an expert on is making food as rich and flavorful as I can and then subsequently,  forking it down my gullet like a Yellowstone grizzly at a Schwans Man convention.

The only diet I know I’m qualified to lead is one which this amateur glutton named Drew Manning is on. Last year he planned to let himself go with an unrestricted diet for six months. A perfectly fit, personal trainer and health coach, he decided to journey to the “fat side” in order to understand blokes like me better; and then lead his followers back to where he was–FIT.

He calls the challenge, Fit To Fat To Fit

I watched a few of the first videos he posted and read his blog. It was painful watching him look more like me every day. I once wrestled in the 174 lb weight class in high school … now I weigh more than Mike Tyson (I always said, if you weigh more than Mike Tyson, you should be able to whip his ass). Shameful.

Now, Manning wants to swim to my shore, littered with cheese burger wrappers and gristle, only to know the pain of sunbathing with a shirt on for fear someone will plant an umbrella in your belly and claim you for Spain. That’s my world pal. Feel me brother?

Well, truth is I’ve been on both shores. I’ve just stayed too long on Fatsy Island. Had Manning hired someone like me as a life coach, I’d have streamlined his poor eating routine. I watched him order a bucket of fried chicken and struggle to get it all down. I would have just served him a bucket of crispy skin and had him chase it with a liter of gravy. Rookie.

No matter, I won’t fault him for his clumsy approach at being a slob if he doesn’t bash me too much for my possibly feeble attempts to juice my way back to a life of un-chaffed thighs. I’m hoping I can amble to where I once was too, and maybe Drew can help with that now that he’s heading back to the fit side of the pool.

Anyway, point is, we’re all different and the only thing I’m really certain about is that I have no expertise in health, fitness, diet or especially this juicing fast I’m on. I appreciate the advice and support that’s coming in but keep in mind, I’m simply trying what other’s say has worked for them; while tossing in my daily thoughts and discoveries as I go.

There’s many roads to a healthy lifestyle. The important thing I feel is to find a path that you enjoy walking. I do know I’ll never go back to taking lightly what I put in my body. I’m still full steamed-veggies ahead with leaner meats in mind at the end of my 31 days. And, will continue to occupy the company of nuts and fruits and those with green mustaches more often than not. The days of canned, frozen and powdered, pre-processed pulp from companies like Monsanto are behind me … no literally, they’re still clinging to my ass–but I’m working on it.