Getting off on the right foot: Meet Mean Greenzilla

For those who're tired of chasing tail, getting nowhere ...
MEAN & GREEN and hopefully lean too as I wrestle with myself to make it through the first 31 days of the new year on the Joe Cross Reboot which inspired my daily juicing journal, Mean Greenzilla. Check it out!

The funniest line in the movie Airplane was the scene where shit was hitting fans and the absurd humor which that film was famous for was in full stride–then the newspapers began spinning with headlines of doom and disaster until one completely unrelated headline flashed across the screen for just a blink exclaiming:



I know what some of you are thinking, but this has nothing to do with weird fetishes. If anything, I’m ready to void myself of food-pleasure all together for 31 days–all of January–just to give everything from soul to spleen, head to tail, a break and maybe help a few friends and siblings along the way.



Here’s the new blog:

Mean Greenzilla at

Please follow the link and sign up for updates all through the month of January.

To good health!

PS: I just found out that Boxing Day has nothing to do with staying in my underwear all day watching Hulu.