Dawn Anew

All I wanted for Christmas, was a new year. I got it! I’m grateful for it too. It’s the time of year when we hope to molt into a more refined person, shrugging away old dander from undone deeds and take another stab at re-not-doing them again.

We create lists, make resolutions and compress the already hefty sack of pressure we’ve been carrying for years. I think it’s time for a new kind of list; a new kind of bucket–maybe one with holes in it for a change–one that excludes the needless activities which suck creativity and productive energy from our bones. I say we create a ‘fuck-it list.’ What not to do–before we kick the bucket we’re trying to fill.

That’s right. If you’ve got things, jobs, people, keeping you from your goal, then say fuck it and turn off the phone, close the door, make your move; but make it count in your favor for once. It’s OK at times to be selfish. You can’t resolve a single thing for someone else. Their choice, is theirs. Our job is to solve our own issues, fill our own buckets, and to purge our own toxins from our world.

It’s not altogether a lonely path towards our personal goals. Those seeking their own bliss will understand your need to be free, to grow, to walk, to write, to breath new air from distant breezes; and they will be there, all around you, walking their path at your side, near or far.

There is a time to sacrafice, to starve, to die, but it’s not yet come for most of us. The clock just struck today. The time is now.

Don’t not do what’s right for you.