Take better Big Foot photos!

This lumbering Big Foot is nicely poised in front of the smooth backdrop of the river. Tip: Avoid thickets! (©D.Vaughan photo; 200 mm f/5.6@1/250, iso 100, Fuji S3)

Close encounters of the rare and paranormal kind, seldom yield photographs that employ beautiful light, are well focused, or even modestly composed in a way in which the subject becomes obvious. I wish to challenge all those who chase these elusive and obscure critters – or who find themselves serendipitously encountered by such – to make better, more convincing photographs!

We have the power.

Aberrations of all sorts – etherial though they may be – are no match for the savvy of most digital cameras.

Simply set your camera to the “P” setting (for Paranormal Photos) and focus! That’s all there is to it.

So, no more excuses; and no more red-eyed alien portraits please (unless of course that’s their natural color). If ET is going to travel light years to visit us, we should at least do him the courtesy of a decent mug shot.

One of my dear friends is an investigator for the Big Foot Research Organization (BFRO). It’s common for her to get photos emailed from eye-witnesses who swore they had just seen a large, apish creature somewhere. The photos are often spattered with dark details which fall into darker shadows juxtaposed along with highly lit areas of pure-white nothingness. A forest-thicket captured at noon, with a Big Foot-looking thumb in the lower left-hand corner of the frame, obscuring the actual creature, seem to be typical.

Bea Arthur camping in a fur coat?  A case for a Bea Foot can be made as readily as one could for a Mr.Big – based on the caliber of photos turned in thus far. The challenge is before us people, just breath, squeeze and FOCUS!