LYRICAL LIMBO–songs in progress

There are times when the words just pour out and a tune is had in mere minutes … other songs come to me over time … this one has yet to find closure and it has haunted me for years as an unfinished song, trapped between worlds. Not fully born, yet not completely trashed either. I think its one that will resonate with many people … an age-old truism that everything fades, falls apart or returns to the dust from which it came and how we lament that fact at times. How could we not wish for what used to be … it’s our comfortable zone. The future is scary, the past, although maybe bland, was sure, and solid, and something we can point to as being real.

It’s only one verse as is … how will it end? Maybe it’s simply meant to be a chant.

I’m open to suggestions on this one. Feel free to write me your thoughts … help me write it, finish it. People change, maybe we should all admit it’s true and not  look to the past so much … Or should we keep the roots we have, no matter how shallow, letting them grow where they’re planted already … and reap simply what we can in due time? Is anything actually better with time?

I do have that hope.


Listen to sample here:

“Used To Be”

I could love a girl just like you

Used to be

But I don’t know who

I’m  talking to

I’m in strange company

If you could just do

What you used to

Sure as shit you’d see

That I could love a girl

Just like you

Used to be