Buck Notes: As I make the commute from Pinedale to Powell, a lot of time for thinking and writing songs is had. After a recent visit to Peru, thoughts of “the mystic” seem to flood my mind these days. Is love simply chance or spiritual reasoning? Two whole souls walking side-by side, what a stride that would be.  The process of fleshing out a new tune takes as much time as it takes. Here’s where I am so far with “Soul in Her Shoes.”

I’ve been searching for the mystic

In a land above the clouds

I’ve always been, the kind of man

Who likes to fall in love out loud

I’m in Agua Caliente

Not so hot without you here

But the Lama talks, everywhere we walk

He whispered in my ear

Find the girl with a soul in her shoes

The message may be old my friend

But news seems new to you

You need the girl with a soul in her shoes

It’s the only way I know to stay

The blues while in Peru