Sweet Sweet Rain

Play “Sweet Sweet Rain” • Words & Music © D. Vaughan
It was a season out of time

But it was pleasing still to find

Tiny drops of rain from a sky of blue

My feet were dusty from the road

But like a crusty leaping toad

I was happy dancing in that sweet, sweet rain

Sweet, sweet rain, fall on me

Cleanse my well of dry memories

Sweet, sweet rain, I thirst for you

Please don’t stop, I’ll take every drop

Of your sweet, sweet rain

There was no reason for the rhyme

Squeezing logic from my mind

Happens every time under your rain

My dry bones take a bath

My cry becomes a laugh

I’m happy dancing in your sweet, sweet rain

No sneezing at the doctor’s door

No freezing forecast anymore

Just a happy healing From a sweet, sweet rain