We both loved you


You said we never had a damn thing in common

Well honey I’m here to say, “that just ain’t true

When it come to coming up

With a cup of common ground

There’s one thing that we both loved

At least that’s what I’ve found

We both loved you,

We both loved you

They say opposites make the attraction

But our boat wouldn’t float being built that way

When we set sail our course

Was set by you and yours

With a nut too loose

And a screw too tight

We still said, “All aboard”

‘Cause we both loved you

We both loved you

And there “ain’t” one thing left for us two to do

Except agree to disagree until the cows come home

‘Till both of us are blue

Eye to eye we’ll never be

But this one thing

We sure–hell know is true

We both loved you

We both loved you

Next time you’re in the mood for loving

I hope that you and you alone will do

‘Cause I don’t have the time

Waiting in line

To get inside a girl

Who “ain’t got” room for two

Though we both loved you

We both loved you