This Artist’s Way

We all make choices. Accept them, their end results, and you’ll live with more answers as to the why’s and what-for’s of life than not. Deny your past, cover the present and it’ll eat your future guts inside out.

Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way philosophy teaches that we process those down and dank thoughts best when we write, paint or express them unabashed through the creative outlet of our choice. There isn’t a wrong way to be creative. There are no “wrong” creations, just honest ones, and honestly, sometimes they’re just bad. Usually the most honest ones are made without erasers or re-dos. Every line, smudge, or ink dripping left for scrutiny.

I’m content with the life that I’ve had up to this point, despite “giving half away twice” in two divorces, losing my parents, my dogs, the love of my life and my job. Talk about an over-the-top country and western song. But like anyone, we have those moments, brief feelings at times, generated from kisses to curses, that we can’t erase.  These indelible bits of our existence define us. They’re the memories which stick to the ribs, whether  hugging, poking or tickling, they tend to be funneled into most of my creative pursuits. To wring some laughter from the hanky when all is said and done can be a nice bonus. To allow something of value to result from the experience whether that emotion was positive or negative, and to infuse those vibes into a song, a poem, or some bit of fiction I come up with, is what turns me on.

Why Baddoodle? Mostly just ’cause I like the freaking way it rolls off my tongue and the endless connotations and correlations it conjures with respect to my life–but also because every variation of anything “” was already taken. Besides, I have no idea how to limit my interests or narrow my focus and I’m certain this won’t be the last first impression I’ll try on.

– David Wesley Vaughan

Photo by M.Tyree.