I suppose every writer must decide where their tale will take off. Since that old classic opener “In the beginning” was used way back when, I think on some level we’ve all grappled a bit as to how to launch into words, what it is we’ve settled on saying, or where to place the first dab of paint on our canvas – the first point of focus in our viewfinder.

I’ve come to believe the opener, “From this time forward” or “Starting now” might serve as the most original way to announce the creative process, no matter who we are or what’s come before us.

All of us are creative souls, and our “beginning” no matter what we “do”, the place to do it, to begin, is right at that place we find ourselves this moment, or as one talented, creative friend of mine phrases the concept, “just as we are.”

If you believe you’re a part of an even greater creation than yourself, then I can think of no better homage, allegiance or form of worship to the higher power responsible for  this wonder we call creation all around us, than to strive to emulate what we see and experience as any child wishing to mime a parent naturally would. To play with the clay, the ink, the array of colors you were given in your mind’s eye while creating a world, your world, as you see fit, is completely within our power.

Our life truly is what we chose to believe it to be. If someone says, “Your work is crap,” does that make it so? If we believe what others say, even if it’s positive feedback, it’s still someone else’s perception. Only what you choose to believe about yourself is what will allow you to rest well at night, or stand up in defense when that which moves your spirit  is challenged.

My first idea for a blog name ... I still sorta like it.

There is no limit to the budget for our dreams, so dream big, Spielberg big. We are in charge of our voice, our vision, so sing with your words, picture it your way.

As one old-time preacher from my childhood used to say, “All intake and no outflow will cause stagnation!” The picture of being kept down just below the surface by an itchy film of pond scum is not too far off from describing my creative condition lately. Now that I’ve finished my first “official” blog post, I believe that blogged up feeling is behind me now. Yes, NOW is where I’m choosing to live again.

A special note to my friends: To all of you over the years who’ve encouraged me to “put it out there” in one form or another – my art, my writings and songs etc; well …I’m not so sure at times if it’s simply because I’m like the kid who’ll eat anything, so it’s fun watching me nose-dive into situations that make for good campfire banter later, or you actually don’t mind hearing me ramble. But regardless, I’m blessed to have you in my world. Thanks in advance for reading anything I’ve written here and for not being too offended by my chosen voice or vision. I know I’m many times alone in the way I see things, and I’m fine with that. This venue is cheaper than therapy, and, as you know, I’m turning 50 soon, so riding a bull may not be on my bucket list; but blogging with abandon, like I’ve been given a heavenly carte blanche, certainly is.