To be fearless, means being vulnerable all under. It's the secret to great art in any form.

Dear Reader, “Dear John”

With the help of my iPhone, I was able to capture the lead sheep as he motors past me.

Moving Experience

© David W. Vaughan

Werewolf of Brown Town

Unique challenges for painters in the very early days of Realism.

Digital Stimuli


Pink-red V-day thoughts

Dashboard awaits his rightful spot in the Datsun, eager to hit the next road without a sign.

Throne Alone


War Pony Painted


Dawn Anew

Golf in Wyoming.

FOREward! 50 days of golf

“Life’s a pop-quiz you can’t cram for.”

My latest beast is likely the best of all, a '71 Range Rover, grey market shipped from Europe.

Fossil Futility