My latest beast is likely the best of all, a '71 Range Rover, grey market shipped from Europe.

Fossil Futility


“You can fall in love with all kinds of shoes–doesn’t mean they’ll fit you.”

Although originally published in the Northwest Trail under the pen name of none other than Morgan Tyree, this cartoon was actually my donation to Morgan who asked me to illustrate what he felt was nothing more than an administrative rampage against some of NWC's finest. (It's nice to put MY name to it finally). ©David Vaughan

MORGAN DONOR my take on a man who takes on the man


Blissed Off

Creative Curse: my notebooks rarely contain just the pertinent "figures." I clearly don't make sense to the average bean counter.

Bean there, hate that


Last Friday Before Forever

The Pose

Un inhibited Exhibited

"Original Girl" © 1978 became the first photograph I'd ever made, in a lifetime of portraits

My First Roll of Film


Take better Big Foot photos!

Dan Abernathy

A fearless first look at a friend’s new book


Top Ten reasons why I’m Sick of winters in Wyoming