Made for the snow and built to go.

Kenai, my amazing Malamute 1993-2008


Cole come home

To be fearless, means being vulnerable all under. It's the secret to great art in any form.

Dear Reader, “Dear John”

With the help of my iPhone, I was able to capture the lead sheep as he motors past me.

Moving Experience

© David W. Vaughan

Werewolf of Brown Town

Unique challenges for painters in the very early days of Realism.

Digital Stimuli


Pink-red V-day thoughts

Dashboard awaits his rightful spot in the Datsun, eager to hit the next road without a sign.

Throne Alone


War Pony Painted


Dawn Anew

Golf in Wyoming.

FOREward! 50 days of golf

“Life’s a pop-quiz you can’t cram for.”