Hi, my name’s Dave, and I cut my own hair. 

I believe art, humor, love, and creativity, are the answers to most of our earthly dilemmas. You’ll find a bit of all the above pursuits scribbled, doodled, written and relived here–while on my path towards a creative life.”



March 17, 2015

Well, I’ve done did the deed and got married. Maritess and I eloped successfully in Hawaii on March 3, and we’re now back in our sleepy, mountain town in Northwest Wyoming. The snow is still lingering around the edges of the lawn, the air is still a crisp forty-something throughout most days until Spring finally springs, and for better or worse, life will forever be different for us both.

Dave and Maritess, March 3, 2015 @ the Pacific Beach Hotel, Waikiki, Oahu.

Dave and Maritess, March 3, 2015 @ the Pacific Beach Hotel, Waikiki, Oahu.

In short, we had a blast. We did little more than eat and sight-see. The weather was for the most part, gloomy in Paradise. Not once did we dive into the surf or require sunscreen. The big Island got snow on the mountain, the winds kicked up in Oahu, and Kona rained like it was Hilo the whole time we were there.

The upside was not having my typically red shoulders and nose upon the flight home. The downside, was not swimming with a single turtle. I missed that a lot.

We’ve yet to see the “real” photos by our photographers, but even if their flash cards fry in a lava stream, this selfie I took as we await the white limo ride to the ceremony, is enough for me. She looks fabulous and I look successfully obscured in the background.

Seems they were filming the show, Hawaii Five-0  a few hundred yards down the beach, while we were doing our nuptials … hopefully it wasn’t an episode about shark attacks or floating corpses with us, dreamily out of focus in the background. I’ve never seen the show but I think we heard it was to be Episode 23 … have to check that out at some point.


In other news, the photos of my year can be seen here. I took a modest 11,000 images in 2014 (not a lot in working terms) and narrowed my overall picks down to just 24-photos which sum up what I’ve been up to.

By Spring of 2015, I will have my “professional” face on-line finally, featuring my New GRID built website, alas, replete with a gallery and yes, a shopping cart (as it’s high time I got a job).Check out their Beta link … could be the coolest new approach to web building to date.

BADDOODLE T-SHIRTS sound like a groovy idea? Maybe I’m the only one wearing an old white T with a black laundry pen in hand. But if I can find a less sweaty shop to order from, maybe you’ll see my lovely wife modeling a few options for me. I’ve been hounded by another new site called See.Me which I’m considering teaming up with to make my shirts … we’ll “see,” …


I like the idea of POSTERS too. I’m taking all requests seriously … well, the bit about jumping and the lake and the thing with the running is one idea, but if you do want something you’ve seen here–hanging around your home–ask me. Come on, Who’s your Doodle?

Thanks for giving me your eyes and and thoughts as I post bits and bytes from my life here. Until next time my friend,





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  1. Ken Williams

    I am now hanging out where it is March 5. I am guessing and hoping you are now happily and officially married. If so – best wishes … and let me know what is evolving in your personal life Dave. I am interested.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. David Wesley Vaughan

      Ah, my friend, I was just about to do that very thing and update you and anyone else who’s interested. Wish you were here to share some of this fine Kona coffee and catch up in person but I trust we’ll have those times again. For now, I’ve got some updating on my evolving life to catch up on. Look for it in the next day or two. Blessing my friend.



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