Hi, my name’s Dave, and I cut my own hair. 

   I believe art, humor, love, and creativity, are the answers to most of our earthly dilemmas. You’ll find a bit of all the above pursuits scribbled, doodled, written and relived here–notes from the road–on the path to a creative life,”




The Year 2014 was a blur for me. I did a lot of world travel, hit 3 countries outside the US and got engaged. I know. It wasn’t on the brochure when I booked things, but I usually like it better off-grid anyway. Some people come home with fruit and magnets for their fridge–I come home with a wife … well, as of March 3, that is. Tuesdays will forever have a deeper meaning to me now. 3.3.15

Check out the photos of my year here. I took a modest 11,000 last year, not really a lot in working terms; and I narrowed my overall picks down to just 24-photos which sum up what I’ve been up to.

By Spring of 2015, I will have my “professional” face on-line finally, featuring my New GRID built website, alas, replete with a gallery and yes, a shopping cart (as it’s high time I got a job).Check out the link and tell me this isn’t the “next thing,” …

BADDOODLE T-SHIRTS sound like a groovy idea? Maybe I’m the only one wearing an old white T with a black laundry pen in hand. But if I can find a less sweaty shop to order from, maybe you’ll see my lovely wife modeling a few options for me.badT

I like the idea of POSTERS too. I’m taking all requests seriously … well, the jumping and the lake and the thing with the running is one idea, but if you do want something you’ve seen here–hanging around your home–ask me. Come on, Who’s your Doodle?

Thanks for giving me your eyes and and thoughts as I post bits and bytes from my life here. Until next time my friend,







David Vaughan • PO Box 395, Pinedale WY  82941 • davidwesleyvaughan@gmail.com • (307) 202-2492

 BADDOODLE.COM•All contents copyrighted©David Vaughan•2015
  1. Ken Williams

    I am now hanging out where it is March 5. I am guessing and hoping you are now happily and officially married. If so – best wishes … and let me know what is evolving in your personal life Dave. I am interested.



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