Big Cities intimidate. They just do. That’s why I live in a town of less than 2,000 people. So while in Singapore, I felt a buzz about me, in the air–all the time–a relentless undertone of reminders to comply and conform as we walk, look both ways, then proceed to the next immaculate, available toilet.

I like Black and white when trying to bring order to The Big City. Whether from the hip or by careful, steady eye, owning the final vision is the artist’s only job.” – dv


Hot rains, spicy fish, exotic birds and reptiles. You step into the vibe of Singapore the second you breath its air–a dome of subtle haze that magically protects the country from the typical, tropical disasters which more often hit the Philippines and other surrounding countries.

Capturing the feel of a giant, muffled city is awkward for me. I prefer unobtrusive moments captured, without prompting someone to smile or look into the lens. Camera shops abound and tourists snap relentless on every corner. Yet I felt obtrusive all the time. A grey-blue oddity feeling all those silent eyes on me …

  1. Michele Maxted

    Okay, I admit it – after looking at all of your wonderful, interesting photos, I had to Google to find out WHY all the English signs, newspaper, etc. So the British influence, but is it like that in the smaller towns?



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